NEVER WORRY About Running Out Of Ideas Again For Your Goalkeeper Training Sessions. Thanks To The GKCoach Session Planner App!



If you are a grassroot goalkeeper coach, parent of a goalkeeper (wanting to help your goalkeeping child) or a goalkeeper coach in their own business, you will NEVER need to look eleswhere again for help with your goalkeeper coaching planning.

With the GKCoach Session Planner Ap and videos, you will literally have hundreds of hours of goalkeeper drills at your finger tips. All these drills have been proven to work in multiple countries and has helped thousands of goalkeeper students and GK coaches to achieve their goalkeeping dreams. And this is yours for FREE!

Please Note: You Will NEVER be charged For the GKCoach Session Planner App.

The GKCoach Planner Training Sessions Have Been Used By Hundreds Of GK Coaches, To Help thousands Of GK Students Around The Globe, To Achieve Their Goalkeeping Dreams!

Here Are Just Some Of The Features Of The GKCoach Planner Training Session App.

Message Fellow GK Coaches

Message Fellow GK Coaches And Build Your Goalkeeper Coaching Network, With Our Built In Messenger Service, To Make This A True Goalkeeper Community.

All Your Questions Answered

If You Get Stuck On ANY Goalkeeper Coaching Question, Do Not Worry, Simply Ask Your Coaching Question (And Get It Answered) In Our Private GKCoach Planner Group.

Monthly Prizes

Each month for the GKCoach Planner member who recommends the most goalkeeper enthusiast friends, will win a free pair of goalkeeper gloves.


If you are a grassroot goalkeeper coach, parent of a goalkeeper and especially a goalkeeper coach in your own business, this app will be for you.

If you are a goalkeeper coach that maybe coaches at a semi to professional level and you need sessions that involve working with the defence and team, this app will not be for you

How To Get GKCoach Planner For FREE!

The GKCoach Planner will ALWAYS be FREE of charge to help the goalkeeper and goalkeeper coaching community.

But we ask just one thing to get our app for free.

And that is you recommend the GKCoach Planner App to at least one fellow goalkeeping enthusiast of yours, so we can all help the goalkeeper community grow.

We have been in goalkeeping all our lives and we really do believe in ‘keepers Union’ and we have spent thousands of dollars on this app and spent months getting it ready as we want to give back to the goalkeeping community.

So please forward our app to your goalkeeper friends, so the goalkeeping community can benefit.


When you add your detail below, you will get your own unique referral link. Simply email this link to your goalkeeper friends and when they add their detail, you will get an email with a link to download our app.

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